Welcome to seaedona,we are a web startup that creates wealth for our users by giving them access to life changing opportunities and tools and in exchange they help us reach more people by recommending us to their friends and family

Our flagship platform seaedona is set to change the status quo by making crypto currencies available to everyone,not just those with extra cash to spare ,our family of crypto currencies will be used to secure personal ,social and business transactions across the globe and so we are offering you a first mover’s advantage by offering you 6000 sea coins at no cost to you ,all you need to do is sign up and generate the coins, when their value increases you can sell them for products and services on our marketplace platform or pay for a ride on our transport network or start an online business   on our WebCEO platform  or buy virtual items on our gaming platform, complete quests and earn real money

Our coin exchange handles all transactions involving our coins and you can sell your coins to other users there for money in your local currency, our platform is set to change lives and you will be one of our first users all you have to do is click the sign up button below or sign up as an affiliate by clicking this BUTTON                 

click here to start generating coins

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