Hacking for beginners

 What is hacking?

In essence, hacking is identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities of a system and gain access using it. 

There are two types of hackers: Ethical and black-hat hackers. The black-hat gets unauthorized access by targeting systems. On the other hand, the ethical hacker has official permission in a lawful, legitimate manner to assess the security posture of a target system.

Let's get to know the terminology.

White hat – ethical hacker

Black hat – classical hacker, the opposite of the ethical one

Grey hat – a mix of the two above, get's unauthorized access but also reveals the weakness to the company

Script kiddie – a hacker with no technical skills who just uses pre-made tools

Hacktivist – a person who hacks for some idea and leaves a messageLearn programming

If you really want to become great at hacking, you have to learn to program. This is a part you can't skip. Even though there are a lot of tools and programs that make it all easy for you, but you also need to know programming

You're required to have knowledge in languages lik




Other relevant language

This will lead you to a better position to figure out how they work and what's going on in the background of each language

Needless to say, you can be great at hacking without knowing how to program at all! But learning it makes it way easier for you to succeed

Skills required

The primary skill that is required is to be willing to learn new things on the fly continually or quickly at home. This is essential to be good at hacking.

Second, you need a strong foundational understanding of at least one coding or scripting language. Also, you're required to have well-understanding of Network and Web security.

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